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Our Experience

we have been honored with for our works: More than 4 national awards in recognition for our various works across different industry sectors and for various clients, keeping up our enthusiasm at top, helping us achieve milestones.

{ 2022
2023 }


// senior product designer

...Sannan Malik is our senior product manager & he has advanced knowledge in their field and 18 years of experience. His team work on products that are in the later stages of development and are responsible for the overall design of the product.

{ 2019
2022 }


// lead of mobile design

..Sanaya Mehta take care of Mobile UX designs. These Designs are interfaces for hand-held and wearable devices. Designers focus on accessibility and efficiency to optimize these on-the-go interactions.

{ 2016
2019 }


// head of ux engineering

Rajesh Singla leads the web designing department .The UX Designer work with and manage User Experience Designers, Visual Designers, User Researchers, Front End Engineers, Business Analysts, Copywriters, and other Marketers on a regular basis to ensure the full experience of the UX of the website, web application or mobile application is being taken care of.

Our Skills

... Our Teams skills are mentioned below


css & html







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